Have you ever found yourself feeling frustrated, trying to catch the waiter’s attention just to get another drink? Skipping another drink as no waiter was in sigh? Avoided to buy an ice-cream for your kid as didn’t want to leave your valuables unattended on the beach?… Did not bother to leave tips as had to wait for ages for your bill? To ensure that YOUR customers will always get the best and most efficient service, to avoid their disappointment, to increase upselling, to enhance the number of returning customers you need WiCS! We offer a great system that will save your time and money, increase productivity and grow your profitability by always keeping your customers happy!

Call from Parasol


Allow your customers to call for service directly from the comfort of their sunbeds, deck/pool, beach umbrellas!

Kitchen/Bar Wireless Calling System


Serve food and drinks at the right temperature while keeping waiters with customers! With our Kitchen/Bar Wireless Calling System avoid serving food and drinks at the wrong temperature …