Our Casinos Wireless Calling System allows customers to call a member of staff from any slot machine or gaming location.

Through our monitoring system, management can also analyse the response time of their staff. This tracking tool is designed to improve customer satisfaction and efficiency of your organization.

How it works


The calling button installed on the slot machines and table games will allow customers to call a member of staff for assistance: to withdraw money, request a service, order food and beverages.

(Optional) The monitoring system that records customer calls starts a timer that measures the response time and provides statistical reports (client expectations, response time, attendance) and enables managers to monitor the efficiency of the service in general.

A member of staff is notified of the customer’s call and of the serviced required.


  • Convenience increases consumption and general customer satifaction – Easy to operate: In order to be served customers only need to press the calling button, without having to look for a waiter and then frustratingly having to try to catch their attention. Members of staff can receive calling information promptly on their pager-watch and provide timely service without interruption. Customers are more relaxed and satisfied while the environment is quieter.Enjoy more orders and efficiency: our clients have reported a sales increase of approximately 20%!
  • Reduce number of staff - Be able to handle larger areas with less staff. Improve staffs’ work efficiency and reduce number of persons needed.
  • Quicker response times – Improve your staff reaction times and never miss out an opportunity to help customers. Private and hidden areas can be serviced instantly without the constant need for member of staff to be present.
  • Semplicity & cost effectivness  – Extremely simple to use, no wires and minimal running expenses. Staff’s pager-watches can be programmed only to respond to calls from designated areas/tables, preventing more staff responding to the same call.
  • Improve staff productivity – Managers can monitor the workflow and efficiency of the staff.  Get real time statistical reports (client expectations, response time, attendance).