Kitchen / Bar Wireless Calling System

Serve food and drinks at the right temperature while keeping waiters with customers!

How It Works:


If there is confusion with a customer’s order, or when meals and drinks are ready, the kitchen and the bar staff use the Kitchen/Bar Calling System to alert the waiter responsible for that order. The waiter is immediately notified on his/her wrist watch of the plate/drink waiting in the kitchen/by the bar for pick up: the table for that order is also specified.


  • Availability increases consumption – Avoid unnecessary trips to the kitchen/bar and have waiters available to your customers.
  • Serve your food & drinks faster and better – Improve reaction times and serve your food and drinks in time.
  • Increase profitability – By serving your food & drinks faster and having your waiting staff available to your customers improves efficiency and generates more orders.
  • Organise your waiting staff – Organise and define how your waiting staff works.
  • Improve service – Improved communication between kitchen/bar and waiting staff reduces stress related to service.