Nurse/Carer Monitoring System

Our system is designed to provide patients with better quality service and helps you to monitor your staff’s performance.

Our Nurse/Carer Monitoring System offers accurate and valuable information about the efficiency of your staff and the needs of your patients. It enhances the overall performance of your facility.

When a patient calls for assistance, a signal is also sent to our nurse/carer monitoring system that records the patient’s identification, the time of the call, the carer responsible and the time taken to respond. It then provides comprehensive reports for management evaluation.

The Nurse/Carer Monitoring System provides the following real time information and reports:

Call Response Times
Displays all calls and their response times, broken down by patient, ward or shift.

Room Checks
Identifies rooms that were not checked.

Patient Calls
Displays the number of calls and highlights any non-responses by carers.

Statistical Evaluation
Identifies potential resource issues by comparing wards and shifts.

Performance Evaluation
Identifies under-performing and high work loaded carers.

Patient Evaluations
Identifies patients who require assistance and those who call for help unnecessarily.

Workload Evaluation
Compares ward and shift workloads to identify imbalances in carer rosters


  • Accreditation – our nurse/carer monitoring system reports confirm to patients’ family members and to relevant authorities that your patients are receiving the best quality care;
  • Accountability – our nurse/carer monitoring system reports enable you to verify your staff attendance: patients cannot claim that they were not attended when assistance was requested.
    identification of patients who continually call for assistance and adressing the problem. exposure of nurses/carers who either do not respond, or take too long to respond. confirmation of regular room checks, especially during night shifts.
  • Increase staff efficiency – quantify efficiency of your staff through our monitoring system: the software monitors response times and other statistical data to identify possible resource issues
  • Increase overall service and identify possible resources issues that need to be addressed – quantify patients’ calls and calling response time; compare ward and shift workloads to identify imbalances in carer schedules and potential resources issues; identify under-performing and highly work loaded carers;
  • Increase patients’ satisfaction – through fast response rate and professional efficient care timely provided.

Choosing the best patient calling system for a hospital department, medical centre or nursing home can be a daunting task. Our staff at WiCS is here to help: we will arrange to visit your establishment and demonstrate our systems; we will also conduct a range test  whilst on site to ensure our system will cover all areas of the site. We also offer full staff training for all our systems.