Our Spa &Beauty Wireless Calling System allows your customers to easily call for a member of staff from the comfort of their treatment rooms. With our systems your staff will spend less time running around and more time with your customers facilitating faster and more efficient service, enhancing customers’ satisfaction, decreasing your operating costs hence increasing your revenue and profitability.

When your customer has completed a session or simply needs assistance they only need to press the calling button. They can continue to enjoy your facilities without need to look out for a member of staff.

WiCS Spa & Beauty Wireless Calling System will help you to improve and maximise staff communication and productivity:  enable your staff to notify another staff member if they need assistance or enable them to notify reception when they are ready for the next customer without a need to leave the treatment room.


  • Increase privacy – our system enables your clients to notify staff in a discreet way when they are ready.
  • Improve response time – improve your staff reaction times and efficiency
  • Enhance atmosphere – improve your staff and customer experience and maintain a calm and reassuring atmosphere within your establishment.
  • Increase communication and productivity – improve overall communication within your establishment. key personnel can be reached quickly when appointments arrive or issues arise;
  • Improve customer comfort and satisfaction – our spa & beauty wireless calling system is dynamic, instant communication. your staff is empowered to respond quickly to customers’ concerns as they arise, and keep guests happy.
  • Simplicity – extremely simple to use, no wires and minimal running expenses, no installation required. staff’s pager-watches can be programmed to display and answer only to calls from designated areas, preventing multiple staff responses to the same customer call.
  • Increase efficiency – enhanced communication and coordination among staff means better overall care for your customers, more returning customers hence higher revenue and profits for your business.