Our Health & Fitness Clubs Wireless Calling Systems allow your customers to contact a trainer or a member of staff from any equipment and from any room.

With health and fitness clubs becoming more and more popular it is vital to give your members immediate attention when they need it.

Our systems will help you to give your club the edge over your competitors by allowing your members to call trainers immediately when they need assistance.
Coordinating members with instructors, dieticians and other specialists can be a challenge. With WiCS wireless calling systems, you can keep your staff organised, efficient and reduce most of the overhead requirements; Keep your staff connected and informed no matter where they are on the premises.


  • Improve response time – Improve your staff reaction times and efficiency
  • Enhance customer service – Easy to operate, customers only need to press the calling button to request assistance. Customers are more relaxed and satisfied while the environment is quieter.
  • Reduce number of staff - Be able to handle a larger area with less staff. Improve staff’s work efficiency, reduce number of persons needed;
  • Reduce noise pollution – With our Wireless Calling Systems instructors and other members of staff can be discretely, reducing public announcements and the costs associated with intercoms.
  • Simplicity & cost effectivness – Extremely simple to use, no wires and minimal running expenses, no installation required. Staff’s pager-watches can be programmed to display and answer only to calls from designated areas preventing multiple staff responses to the same customer call
  • Quick onsite communication- Maximize communications and improve member service.
  • Outstanding coverage area – If there is a need for assistance pressing the button will alert designated member of staff. No need for constant monitoring.