Waiters Monitoring System

Our Waiters Monitoring System helps you to track the progress and performance of your waiting staff.

The system records all the information from the Calling Buttons and the time taken to respond. It provides real time updates, data analysis and statistical reports. The system is composed of two parts:

  • A web application to run multiple reports for multiple restaurants and to be used by the owner or the manager.
  • A mobile application for the on-site manager.

The Web Application

This application is designed to enable owners or managers to monitor the performance of each restaurant and the performance of each waiter.




The Mobile App

This application is designed to enable on-site managers to supervise and motivate the waiting staff.
They can monitor, in real time, the performance of each waiter as well as the last calls made by customers. Every call will have the assigned waiter’s name and the actual status of the call.
This application runs in all kind of mobile devices



  • Increse staff productivity – performance of each waiter can be monitored and assessed objectively by the waiters monitoring system. appraisal enables staff to recall and improve and therefore increasing the overall staff productivity.
  • Increase overall service – calling response time can be easily measured by the waiters monitoring system enabling to identify issues that need to be acted upon.
  • Increase customers’ satisfaction – greater service quality and enhanced consumption environment facilitates better general satisfaction;
  • Identify possible resource issues that need to be addressed: – managers can identify/see every staff’s condition, such as workload and capability which enables them to understand the service level of the whole place and act upon if needed.