From exquisite fine dining restaurants to charming and cosy neighbourhood bistros, quick and efficient service is essential in keeping customers happy.

With our Wireless Calling Systems staff can provide faster and better service enhancing customers’ satisfaction and loyalty.

Waiter Calling System


Give your customers the opportunity to call the waiter if they need something right away! No more unhappy customers endlessly waiting to be served!

Led Calling System


A controller display alerts waiters with a visual and audible signal when a customer needs something. Enhance your customers’ satisfaction with our Led Calling Systems!

Kitchen Wireless Calling System

Kitchen Wireless Calling System

You are proud of the quality of your food? We make sure that your customers receive it hot. Serving food at the right temperature is essential to keep the general satisfaction of your customers. Waiters will be always visible on the floor until our Kitchen Wireless Calling System will alert them that food is ready for pick up. Not only you will avoid serving food at the wrong temperature but also avoid unnecessary trips to the kitchen leaving your customers unattended.

Waiters Monitoring System

Waiters Monitoring System

Monitor the performances and progress of your waiting staff over the weeks. Identify possible resource issues that need to be addressed.